The Industry Standard for Universal Mobile Key in Vacation Rentals

We’ve taken VirtualKEY technology and paired it with the lock industry’s biggest names. Access to multiple

manufacturers means cost-effectiveness and maximum compatibility with existing BLE (Bluetooth Low

Energy) locks, Keypad locks, Digital locks and Wi-Fi Locks and Z-wave Locks.


Making your Vacation Rental KEYLESS

We’re seeing it firsthand: the mobile key revolution is underway. Guests want complete control now more

than ever, and major property managers around the world are responding. Keyless entry, seamless 24/7

check-in and check-out equal a quantum leap for the guest experience; convenient, secure & peace of

mind! -- and welcome assistance for property managers.

We seamlessly integrate with PMS & Home Automation

No Matter how you accept reservations and which tools you use, you will never have to manually

create digital keys or codes again.


Contact us for free integration of your properties
and customization to meet your unique needs.